A1 Choice Drive-In Ball Catch Door Hardware(Black)

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  • PERFECT FOR INTERIOR DOORS: Door catches are great for keeping your closet, pantry, cabinet and French doors closed; and the Ultra Hardware Ball Catch by World & Main is the perfect solution for your needs. Featuring a high quality build and super duty spring, this ball catch will hold any interior door closed
  • BETTER THAN MAGNETIC CATCHES: Between the two types of catches, ball and magnetic, ball joints provide the most hold; and the Ultra Hardware Ball Catch is built to the highest standards. Whether you are installing for the first time, or replacing an old one, this ball catch is sure to last a long time
  • EASY INSTALL: Ball catches can be installed on the side of your door for a “classic” look, or at the top for an “out of the way” appearance. They are also ideal for longer cabinet doors, where a ball catch at both ends will nicely conceal any slight twist in the door
  • ADJUSTABLE: If the ball won’t catch properly because it is either installed too far out, or not far enough, then you can easily adjust the height with a pair of needle nose pliers. Just line up the tips of your pliers with the two grooves around the ball and twist
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Included in this kit by World & Main is the Ultra Hardware Door Ball Catch with adjustable height and super sturdy spring mechanism, catch plate, and plate mounting screws
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